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Connect with the right investors and close rounds faster, spend less time pitching and more time building and growing.


Investment Types


You offer shares of your business to the investor through direct investment.



You offer equity backed credit digital assets to the investor.


You offer a fixed interest payment to the investor through convertible loans.


Fundraising Automation


We build a custom lead generation funnel for your fundraising campaign matching target investors according to the investment thesis criteria.


We design a data-driven email outreach sequence with automated follow-ups, delivering personalized messages at scale to your list of prospects.


We analyze campaign metrics and optimize for results, scaling up outreach and retargeting to maximize responses and secure meetings with investors.


Services to Startups

Due Diligence

We help companies prepare data room with financial and legal documents for investment due diligence process.

Investor Relations

We help companies monitor data driven performance reports to investors for regulatory compliance.


We help companies build a pipeline of leads of individual investors, venture capital and family office funds.

How it works

Apply to pitch to investors

The first step is to fill in the form below with the details of your deal. We review applications on a rolling basis, year-round, and aim to get back to you within 3 business days.

Prepare for Investments

When selected, our team will verify financial and legal data for due diligence preparation, to help investors identify the startups ready for investment.

Raise funds from investors

Fundraise pre-seed, seed and series A round, matching specific investor preferences according to business model, stage, traction, ticket and geography.

Our Business Model

Save time from manual work with fundraising automation.


Equity Dilution


Brokerage Fee


Minimum Ticket


Origination Fee


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