Fund Startups Easily

Access the venture asset class with a diversified and validated portfolio of innovative companies and funds.


Investment Types


Direct investment in growing startups through SAFE and SAFT.


Investment as Limited Partner in venture capital funds and syndicates.

Venture Debt

Convertible loans to companies that have raised previous early-stage investment.


Fundraising Automation


We build a custom lead generation funnel for your fundraising campaign matching target investors according to the investment thesis criteria.


We design a data-driven email outreach sequence with automated follow-ups, delivering personalized messages at scale to your list of prospects.


We analyze the campaign metrics and optimize for results, scaling up the campaign outreach and retarget for responses and clicks.


Services to Investors

Deal Flow

We help private investors identify venture deals and funds according to investment thesis and impact objectives.

Due Diligence

We help investors conduct due diligence assessing strategy and performance of selected of prospects.


We help venture capital funds originate investment from limited partners such as family offices and fund of funds.

How it works

Define investment thesis

We help investors identify companies and investment vehicles that fit exactly their investment thesis according to sector, stage, ticket size and geography.

Find Venture Capital Deals

We partner with accelerators around the world to showcase amazing companies, providing accredited investors with validated high level deal flow and co-investment opportunities.

Build Venture Portfolio

We provide investors with private introduction exclusively to the venture deals and funds to which they have expressed interest to invest, avoiding deal over flow.

Our Business Model

Co-investment opportunities for individual accredited investors.


Management Fee


Carried Interest


Minimum Investment


Origination Fee

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