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Co-invest with a network of venture capital funds and partners from top tiers through emerging fund managers.


Investment Types


Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) for selected opportunities.


Direct investment in growing startups through SAFE and SAFT.


Investment as Limited Partner in venture capital funds and syndicates.

How it works

Apply as Venture Partner

Join our network to connect investors with companies that match the focus of your actitivies according to sector, stage, ticket size and geography.

Share Investment Deals

Present your amazing companies, providing other accredited investors with validated high level deal flow and receive matching co-investment opportunities.

Get Origination Fee

Receive a share of the origination fee from investment deals privately shared to the network based on your pipeline of startup and investors introductions.

Our Business Model

Co-investment opportunities for individual accredited investors.


Management Fee


Carried Interest


Minimum Investment


Origination Fee

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Co-invest with the best venture capitalists and family offices.

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